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Sant Martí
Domestic Data Streamers
Pujades 77, 3r pis, porta 8C 08005 Barcelona

Data changes the way we perceive the world. Today more information is generated about ourselves and what surrounds us than ever before in the course of history. For this reason, we need new tools to understand and turn this information into a language that is understandable to all.

Domestic Data Streamers is a multidisciplinary team from Barcelona that has undertaken the challenge of capturing and transforming raw data from interactive systems and experiences; with a background in digital media and interaction design, they play between the limits of art, science and sociology to approach the world of data with a more human approach.

The team was created in October 2013 and since then has created facilities for museums and institutions both nationally and internationally, including the CCCB, Smart City Expo, Disseny Hub Barcelona, California Academy of Science and PMQ Hong Kong.

They will explain what they do, how they do it and why they do it, with the case study of some of their emblematic projects.

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