Activity information

LED screen, electronic components, metal structure, computer.
75x177x60 cm.
The generative animation reacts in real time to the direction and intensity of the wind of the city of Madrid.
The works that form the Echo series, to which this piece belongs, are made with flexible LEDs, a technology that allows the artist to create curved screens. After these sinuous forms, appear the entrails of the device, the cables and electronic components that are normally hidden. For the artist, these screens have ceased to be a window that frames reality, to become a sculptural presence that enlightens and dialogues with its surroundings.The screens show abstract animations generated by algorithms. The animations react to information in real time of different phenomena that are happening around the world, including earthquakes, fires or air pollution recorded by various web pages. The result is a series of sculptural screens that, through their Internet connection, listen to the planet.