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Ciutat Vella
Carrer de Méndez Nuñez 7, 08003 Barcelona

The ‘Internet of Animals Convention 2019’ (Feb 19-Mar 2) explores the future of animals in a more and more digitalized and virtualized world.

Today is about communication, especially remote communication with technological help.

Arduinos? Sensors? APIs to AI? Mini-hackathons at 12:00 and 17:00 will explore ideas, and some of them might be even makable immediately.
At 19:00 we will have an ‘open think-tank’ What research is actually taking place? What ideas did we have? Then we can go into any direction. Like discuss motivations, understand dynamics, develop ideas. Not only for dogs.
Everything is adjusted to the background of the attendants. So everybody is welcome.
All events are thought as an open platform. So feel free to take initiative with your topic.


Organize: FUFF

FUFF is an abstract experimental university platform, a complementary idea of research and studying, supporting you to experiment with new forms, new contents, and new goals of studying. It started in the 2000er years as a local project in Frankfurt but since is not bound to a location.

Ifuz started the ‘Internet Of Animals’ project several years ago at FUFF as a spin off from Dirk Engel’s ‘Future of media’ research project. In the beginning it appeared to be an obscure idea, but it is meanwhile received more and more as a project with multiple levels and an evolution of topics.

    Tags: ##arduino, #animales, #arte, #experimento, #futuro, #Internet, #investigación, #telecomunicaciones