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Associated Program
Sarrià-Sant Gervasi
Espai Blanc. Escola Esdap Llotja
Carrer Ciutat de Balaguer 17, 08022, Barcelona.

“Openness” is a concept and philosophy that are characterized by the emphasis on transparency and free access, eliminating restrictions on knowledge and information. Open Design, free design and DIY consist in the development of products and objects through the use of publicly shared information and the result of the interactions between the participants. Transparency is one of the design principles of Industry 4.0. Computer devices are opening new tracks of design research while raising questions about privacy, transparency and trust that designers must address. Design education for the future, therefore, is not one in which technology is simply a tool for the design or visualization of information, but it is a tool to communicate, interact, share and improve.

Participants: Angels Dimitri, Clara Santolaria, Daniel Martínez, Joana Roca, Mariona Casares, Marc Rojas, Josep Lluis Tantina, Carlos Jose Arredondo, Marc Barranco, Albert Casadevall, Marina Ju Cervera, Enric Martínez, Jaume Martinez, Roger Monfort, Daniela Mora, Elena Yolanda Perez, Arnau Sanz, Marta Gràcia, Anna Solà, Digna Gros, Laia Guillén, Rafel Oliva, Ruben Hidalgo, Noemi Claveria and Guillem Ferran.

    Tags: #DIY, #Download, #open design, #product design