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Les Corts
Aula Magna del Campus Norte de IESE Business School (Arnús i Garí nº7)
19h - 20:30h

With new technologies, megatrends, and millennials, is “traditional marketing” dying? In this session, we will examine the validity of some of the classic marketing tools, as well as some of the main challenges faced by managers in this field.

Speaker: Íñigo Gallo, Adjunct Professor of the Department of Commercial Management at IESE. Prof. Gallo holds a PhD in Management from the Anderson School of Management at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). Before completing his doctorate, he graduated in Economics and Business from the Universitat de Barcelona, worked for several years as a management consultant for Everis and studied an MBA at IESE.

His research focuses on understanding how experiential shopping (a situation we live or experience) differs from material purchases (tangible objects we own) and how these differences influence the way consumers evaluate and choose experiences as opposed to products. Some of the questions that Gallo tries to answer with his research are: What is the difference between the way price influences the decision to acquire experience and a product? What type of advertising works best for experiences compared to products? How do consumers deal with the uncertainty associated with the evaluation of an experiential purchase?

Íñigo Gallo has presented his research at two top-level conferences on consumer behaviour organized by the Association of Consumer Research and the Society of Consumer Psychology. He has also given seminars at various institutions, both academic and corporate.

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