Plan C

Alternative solutions for citizen participation with digital tools

Plan C is an initiative of citizen participation to test and propose alternative solutions to city problems from digital technology. It consists of a series of multidisciplinary and intergenerational working groups that, through collective research and direct action in the territory, propose the fulfilment of specific missions or objectives.

For the creation of these working groups, Mobile Week Barcelona 2019 proposes the association between different groups so that each group is made up of at least: expert professionals in the sector or subject to be dealt with (preferably belonging to a specialized entity); university researchers (preferably with an ongoing research project associated); a specific citizen collective (students, neighborhood associations, civic tables, etc.); and an agent of the public administration.

The objective of Plan C is double. On the one hand, a network is woven between civic groups, academia and public and private sectors to give a greater dimension to existing projects. On the other hand, technological disruptors for citizen empowerment are tested and proposed. Based on these premises, Plan C is launched in Mobile Week Barcelona 2019 with 2 missions, one on the impact of nutrition on health in relation to geographical and economic access to food and another on relations in public space from the gender perspective.

Food maping

Food Mapping

A city exploration about the nutritional environment.

A participative initiative that will take place in three neighbourhoods of the metropolitan area: Fondo (Santa Coloma de Gramenet), Sant Ildefons Cerdà (Cornellá del Llobregat) and Gràcia (Barcelona).
#FoodMapping is a city science pilot project to jointly map the environment and its nutritional habits. The goal of this initiative is to relate the nutritional offer available in different neighbourhoods with nutritional habits and the decisions neighbours take when they buy food.

In the three neighbourhoods, people participating in the initiative will go to local stores to buy the ingredients to cook lentils. The data about the routes that they take, the stores where they buy and the quality of the products they purchase will be collected through a mobile application. Once the buying process is finished, they will cook the lentils. Then, they will gather to eat them with the community. After the meal, participants will share their experiences on nutritional matters. They will talk about things that worry them the most, their environment perceptions and their nutritional habits.
The FoodMapping Project, part of Plan C of Mobile World Capital, is the first phase of an ambitious initiative called BIG D(IE)TA, which goal is the participative design of nutritional markers that can be incorporated to the life-quality marker system of Barcelona’s Metropolitan Area.

Days of the initiative — February 14th, 15th and 17th of 2019 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Mobile Week Barcelona. The initiative will be developed in three days, one per neighbourhood (the 14th in Sant Ildefons, the 15th in Fondo and the 17th in Gràcia). Joint initiatives will be developed each time with the goal of collecting quality data.

Results will be published on February 21st of 2019 from 4 to 5 p.m. at Elisava (Sala Aleix Carrió), in Mobile Week Barcelona. This event has been cancelled due to the general strike. New date: March 4th from 10.30 a.m to 11.30 a.m at Sede de la Creu Roja C. Joan d’Àustria, 120-124 (Metro Marina)

Sponsor: PEMB, AMB

Organize: Ideas for Change, Creu Roja

Technological partner: MuniDigital

Collaborators: Elisava, Agència de Salud Pública de Catalunya

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ConSCIENCES at the square

Adquirir un mayor conocimiento de las interacciones que tenemos en la calle y saber cómo son desde la perspectiva de género.

In relation to the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, an odd device will appear in three of the most emblematic Barcelona squares. The device and everything surrounding it will be devoted to collect information and make observations in a research activity that will require the participation of several city groups. People and different disciplines have joined forces to create this ephemeral group that has a shared goal: to grow in the knowledge of street interactions, learning how they are from a gender perspective.
We will be able to acknowledge the dynamics that are lived in the street and the roles all of us play. We will think, analyze and be aware of human relations at these squares from a gender perspective. Results will be presented in Mobile Week Barcelona on February 15th. Will you participate? We will see you at the square, won’t we?
This activity will be done in collaboration with Mobile Week Barcelona – Plan C, an initiative of city participation to test and propose alternative solutions to city problems using digital technology. Results will be presented during the event.

Day of the activity — February 11th, 2019 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the Biennial of the City and Science of Mobile Week Barcelona. The activity will be done in three locations: Plaça Mercat Sant Antoni (9-11 a.m.), Plaça Sortidor (12:30 to 2:30 p.m.), Plaça JM Folch i Torres (5 to -7 p.m.)

Presentation of results — February 15th, 2019 from 10 to 11 a.m. at Ca l’Alier, of Mobile Week Barcelona.